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Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Mickleover Primary School. Your

child is about to embark on the first stage of

his/her school life. This will be a shared

adventure for us all and one where,

hopefully, we all have high expectations for

the success of your son/daughter.

In 1987 Mickleover Primary School was

judged by the Government Inspectorate

Ofsted to be one of the top primary schools

in the country. This assessment was based

on a very thorough and rigorous inspection.

Since then everyone in the school has worked

very hard to maintain that standard. Previous

Ofsted Inspections, in September 2005,

November 2008 and December 2013 have

confirmed that there has been sustained high


Moral and social development are strengths of

our school and our pupils show respect for each

other and for the staff; they are able to tell right

from wrong and they develop responsible attitudes.

Our school is a happy, caring community.

The opportunities for your child to succeed are

considerable. However success and happiness for your

child will only be achieved through a real partnership

between school and parents. I am sure we will work together

supporting, encouraging and praising achievement. We look

forward to receiving and caring for your child.

Lynne Gerver