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It is important to make sure that your child is present for the start of the school day. When a

child continually arrives late it is very worrying and upsetting for the individual. Their general

performance is affected and also there is a disruptive effect on the organisation of the class.

Regular and punctual attendance is vital in helping to ensure that each child receives the

continuity of education that will aid satisfactory progress with their learning and

development. We expect the fullest possible attendance.

Parents are responsible for:


Ensuring that children arrive at school no earlier than 8.45am and no later than 8.55am.


Avoiding taking children out of school during term time.


Notifying school before 8.55am if their child cannot attend.


Providing a brief follow up letter outlining the reason for the absence.

The school will be responsible for alerting parents as soon as possible when their child is

absent (and the school has not been notified). In cases of prolonged and unexplained

absence, or regular late arrival for school, you will be contacted by the Headteacher or the

Education Welfare Officer (Education Office). For further details of our Attendance Policy,

please the school website.


If you need to take your child out of school for any reason during school hours, please notify

the school office or class teacher and arrangements will be made for you to collect them from

the school office. Under no circumstances will a child be released from school on his or her

own to attend an appointment.

Term Time Absence

Due to recent changes in Government policy, no term time absences will be authorised for

reasons that are not considered to be exceptional such as:

Availability of cheap holidays and cheap travel arrangements,

Days overlapping with the beginning or end of term,

Holidays for family weddings.

Exceptional circumstances could include serious family illness or bereavement or

involvement in court proceedings.