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The School Day

School Begins

Morning Playtime

Lunch Break

Afternoon Playtime

School Finishes


10.15am - 10.30am or 10.35am - 10.50am

11.55am - 1.10pm (Infants)

12.15pm - 1.20pm (Juniors)

2.40pm - 2.50pm (Infants only)


Every effort should be made to ensure that no child arrives at school before 8.45am, after

which time the gates will open and the children will go straight into class, taking

responsibility for their own bag and coat. If your child arrives after 8.55am please make

sure you sign them in at the school office.

We like to encourage independence in our children and therefore request that once

the children have been at school for a year and are in Year 1, they begin to make

their own way around onto the playground at the start of the day, once they

feel ready to do so. At the end of the day, Year 1 parents can wait next to

the soft play area until the children are brought out onto the playground

by their class teacher. It is important that you wait here so that the

teachers can see whose parents are here. Also, please keep younger

children with you in that area. If you would like your child to meet

you at the front of school, please let the class teacher know.

From Year 2 onwards many children will feel able to make

their way round to you at the front of school and we will

begin to encourage the children to do this during the year

ready for their transition to KS2.

Children are encouraged to come to school on their

bikes and scooters, which can be stored in our cycle

shelters at the front of school – please note

children must walk their bikes/scooters once they

come through the school gates.